Stella has experimented with various styles, technologies, and methods throughout her design career, but today she creates products as if solving a mathematical problem. She has established fundamental rules for herself that each product must adhere to – optimal material usage, ease of maintenance and repair, potential for future material recycling, use of monofittings, and more. In addition, she prefers simple aesthetics and has a great love for all things natural.

As a result, Stella's creations are summarized by a minimalist approach, where every detail serves a functional purpose. Nothing is superfluous, allowing the material itself to shine over time as it develops its own story.

Stella's products are crafted using European vegetable-tanned leather sourced from tanneries such as Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden, Sørensen Leather in Denmark, Splenda in Spain, and tanneries of the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium. Vegetable-tanned leather is produced using natural ingredients, and its natural surface ages gracefully, lasting for decades. It is durable, easy to maintain, and biodegradable at the end of its life cycle.